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Referral program


Regular investment is the key to success of any business in highly competitive spheres. We understand this perfectly. Affiliate marketing is one of the most efficient methods of attracting new investments to a company. By investing in you automatically become our partner, but the level of such a partnership depends solely on you. We have worked out and successfully implemented two partner programs for our investors, which showed excellent results. It is a mutually beneficial cooperation with additional bonuses for partners.

What we offer:

  • Referral program for investors

    It provides special conditions of cooperation, which are available to all our partners. How to become a participant? After registration, you can actively invite new partners, receiving a fee. The main rule is that the investors you bring to the company should use your referral link. This link is available in your personal account.

    How does it work?

    It is a three-level bonus system, where you get a cash bonus as a percentage of the investment amount of the partner you have invited, then a bonus of the amount of the partner your partner has invited, and so on. The bonus amount is:

    For investors
    Level 1 3% of the investment amount
    Level 2 2% of the investment amount
    Level 3 1% of the investment amount

  • Referral program for regional representatives

    This is another kind of partnership our company offers. In this case, you become an official representative of the company with the right to official use of Limited brand and provision of specific information to other investors.

    The reason why we work like this is as follows. With the expansion of the geography of business, our company has faced a banal problem – the language barrier. Not all of our investors understand English, Chinese or Russian. Therefore, the company's management has decided to offer cooperation to all interested investors in the UK and abroad.

    Just as the case is with the usual referral program, this program is also a three-level one and provides participants with cash bonuses for attracting new partners:

    For representatives
    Level 1 8% of the investment amount
    Level 2 2% of the investment amount
    Level 3 1% of the investment amount

    In order to become a regional partner of our company please file your request via the "Upgrade" form – our managers will
    contact you and provide all the necessary information.

    We look forward to working with you!